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Luis de Narvaez

This 16th-century Spaniard was the earliest composer to adapt Italian-style lute music for the vihuela. He was employed in the Royal chapel of Felipe, regent of Spain (later Philip II of Spain) along with the famous keyboard composer Antonio de Cabezón (Manuel Ponce later wrote a set of variations based on a theme by Cabezon. Luis de Narvaez is famous for having published the first variation set in his vihuela work Los seys libros del delphín

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Variation Form

The musical form "Theme and variations" first appeared in the 1400s, and is one of the earliest forms used in western music. In this form musical material is repeated with each repetition featuring alterations in order maintain interest from the listener. A favorite method for creating variations in the Renaissance was called "divisions" : whereby a work begins with a simple rythm with relatively long note values, subsequently in each variation these duration values are "divided" into smaller and smaller values. Two well known guitar examples of this form are Fernando Sor's Introduction and Variations on a Theme by Mozart, Op. 9 , this theme derived from Mozart's opera The Magic Flute, and Mauro Giuliani's Variations of a theme by Handel Op.107, this theme from the final movement of one of Handel's harpsichord suites.

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Videos submitted to MOTG :

Christian Wernicke

This delightful interpretation Francisco Tárrega's Carnaval de Venecia de Paganini is performed by Christian Wernicke . Thankyou to Susanne Hahn for this submission.

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Forum submissions

That Lady - Kate O'Brien (historical novel)

Memebers of the aristocratic elite of 16th century Spain make up the characters of this intriguing novel. Set in the land and time of Alonso Mudarra (c. 1510 – April 1, 1580) and Luis de Narvaez (ca. 1500-1555), the story centers around Princess of Eboli, Ana de Mendoza and her relationships with various contemporary people such as the King of Spain, King Philip II. The King is jealous of the Princess' love relationships and interferes wherever his almighty power allows. This a very useful read for those interested in guitar history.

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