Waltz of the Fairies

by Al Lewis
(Pietermaritzburg, South Africa)

Waltz of the Fairies

by Schmitt

arranged by for solo guitar by Al Lewis

I wrote this arrangement with the following technique :

1. I started with a piano version of this piece, written by somebody other than myself. The simplicity of the root motion meant it was not necessary to analyse the piece thoroughly.

2. I simply followed noted in the piano arrangement and applied them to the guitar. At times it was necessary to raise/lower a note/phrase an octave to fit with fingerings on the like.

3. I added a 2-bar intro which is entirely of my own invention.

4. I added dynamic markings using the original as a guide, but adapting them to the suitability of the guitar.

Listen to my recording of this arrangement!

Download the pdf file of "Waltz of the fairies" sheet music for solo guitar by clicking here!

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