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Alonso Mudarra

This Spaniard living in the 1500s composed the earliest surviving music for the guitar. He was a player of the much older 4-string instrument, as well as the vihuela - an instrument similar to the guitar. Read about his travels from his homeland to Italy - no mean feat in those days! - in the support of King Charles V, and his subsequent return to Spain where he became a priest. View here


This early musical form was closely associated with the development of plucked string instruments that were also ancestors of the modern guitar. Lutenists used the earlier Recercare, which evolved into the fantasia, to test their tuning and warmup their fingers. Read about how Italian musicians employed by English royalty, imported the new musical forms like the Fantasia into Britain. View here

Videos submitted to MOTG :

Thomas Viloteau

View this elegant perfromance of Luigi Legnani's Capriccio no.2 by Thomas Viloteau. The venue is the Gitaarsalon Enkhuizen, Netherlands. Thankyou to Frank Reijgersberg for this submission. Watch on this page

Carmen Botella and Rubén Parejo

This duo has delightfully captured the spirit of Mauro Giuliani's Confuso smarrito for soprano and guitar. Thankyou to Carmen Botella for this submission. Watch on this page

Forum submissions

2 Ancient Instruments

MdJ from Pietermaritzburg, South Africa submitted an interesting post regarding the Hurdy Gurdy. This instrument, also called the "Drehleier" or "rotating lute" is played using a rotating wheel which bows the strings violin style, while the left hand depresses pieces of wood which stop the strings on a fretboard similar to fingers fretting on a guitar. View this post

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