A Concise History of the Classic Guitar

by Al Lewis
(Pietermaritzburg, South Africa)

Graham Wade, one of the foremost international writers on the guitar, penned this easy-read covering an extensive range of topics regarding the development of the guitar from the 16th century to the present.

    A Concise History of the Classic Guitar is a compact assessment charting various topics such as :

  • the appearance of the 4-course guitar and it's co-development with the vihuela/

  • 5-course guitars used by Francesco Corbetta to Gaspar Sanz

  • the innovations of alfabeto and tablature notation and the eventual adaptation of violin notation in the 1700s for guitar use

  • and the addition of a 6th string and the wizardry of Antonio de Torres whose efforts endowed us with the basic instrument as we know it today

World famous guitarists of the 20th century are evaluated in their contributions to the guitar genre, including Andrés Segovia, Miguel Llobet, Emilio Pujol, Ida Presti, Julian Bream, and John Williams. Additionally composers such as Joaquin Rodrigo, who did not themselves play the instument, but whose compositons immeasurably boosted the musical world's esteem of the classical guitar are featured. This, the first interpretative history of the classic guitar to be published in the 21st century, is suitable for the general public and guitar students of all ages, and is a welcomed resource furthering our understanding and knowledge of the beloved guitar.

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