The Strophic Form

Singer and lute This musical form is often found in folk and popular songs including 12-bar blues, ballads, hymns and chants. This form is accomplished by the repetition of a single section of music in which each repeat has the same basic melodic, harmonic and rythmic character. This can be analysed as "A A A....." whereby each "A" represents an individual section. Sometimes the repeated sections have similar material which is varied, elaborated or ornamented producing what is known as the "modified strophic form" (A A' A"...) which can begin to appear as a rudimentary "Theme and variations". Classical songs such as the 17th century French Air de cour and the 19th century German Lieder composed by the likes of Brahms, Mozart and Schubert, are also in the strophic format.

John Dowland's Come again
performed by
Valeria Mignaco, soprano
and Alfonso Marin, lute

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Other Musical forms :

Strophic form Media

Gilles Binchois's Jamais Cant

Blind Lemon Jefferson's
Match Box Blues

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