Matteo Carcassi Op. 60 Etude N. 3 in A

The accents in this work make for an interesting performance. It is a popular piece for beginners and gives a good workout for the right-hand. The composer Matteo Carcassi was active in the early 19th-century.

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Matteo Carcassi's
Op. 60 Etude N. 3 in A major

performed by Vabejas

Free sheet music
Carcassi, MatteoCarcassi, Matteo
Op. 60 Etude no. 3
+ MP3 (human interpretation)
Guitar solo (standard notation)
Copyright © 2011 Alastair Lewis

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Jun 21, 2019
Carcassi op. 60 no. 3
by: Al Lewis

Hi Douglas, my two-cents would be that the B7 is indeed a II7 chord, but in keeping with the approach notes throughout the piece the natural 'F' resolves onto the 'E' of the E7. I have never found the 'F' offensive, it can be seen a something of a 'blue' note in jazzy terms.

Thank you for your feedback!

Jun 18, 2019
F-sharp vs F-natural
by: Douglas Thompson

I've always wondered if Carcassi really meant to make the F in the second from last measure of his piece F-natural. It certainly sounds more satisfying to play it as an F-sharp, making it a B7 chord rather than a B7-flat5. And while the piece builds tension in the second half, especially, with a combination of augmented chords and artistic interpretation, I think it should resolve that tension in the last two measures with II7-V7-I.

What do you think?

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